Crochet Designer Maggie Weldon on the road, Part 2

As we were leaving the Spring Street Antique Mall we passed through an aisle for the second time.  Eddie stopped to look at something.  I stood still waiting for him and when I turned around there were the CUTEST potholders ever tucked away, hanging in a corner!  It was a set of matching light blue and white, girl-boy potholders – dress and overalls.  I was so excited to find treasures like this.

Adorable crochet shoe design.

Always love finding vintage designs!

Sweet pink flower potholder.












In addition to finding crochet and lace treasures for vintage crochet designs and pottery, I get a lot of inspiration from the amazing things I see in antique stores.  Painted tulips on a set of bowls or a pink fabric flower potholder often become sparks of inspiration for future designs.

Love this beautiful floral design.

What great pottery designs! Ideas are flowing!

The purses that I found will possibly be recreated into something totally different from the original.  With the pink shell purse, I can easily change the stitches in the body of the purse but keep the original shaping.  The orange purse had an interesting design combining motifs with single crochet stitches.  I could recreate this purse using different motifs, stitches and finishing.  The large rooster cover was very interesting but I couldn’t figure out what I would do with it!  Maybe you have some ideas for this.

This one is interesting...

We’ll see if future Maggie’s Crochet designs will come from this trip.  I have HUGE boxes full of all my possibilities and a massive amount of pictures for inspiration.

Everybody loves these famous dolls!

What an adorable doll!



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