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Inspiration from The Great Barrier Reef

It is helpful to know the details of The Great Barrier Reef to fully understand the complexity of the Crochet Coral Reef (CCR) project. The Great Barrier Reef is considered to be one of

Crochet by Mandy – Purple Hook

Mandy Nelson is an incredible crocheter who used to work for us editing patterns.  She started her own business called Purple Hook in 2009 that enables to her create homemade crochet gifts and products

Staff Favorite: Miranda’s Super Cute Crochet Sock Animals

Being a fairly new team member at Maggie’s Crochet Needle Works and Crafts, I have not had as much exposure to the items as my fellow coworkers so I had not chosen my favorite

Mosaic and Motif Afghans

Are you registered up for our daily newsletters? Today’s topic: MOTIF AFGHANS! Look at these beautiful designs by Mona from Knit Nut Natters. What a gorgeous use of mosaic and motif styled crochet! Motif

Flower Power! – Maggie’s Crochet Floral Bouquet of Dishcloths

Did you know that in Holland during the 1600s that tulip bulbs were more valuable than gold? Or that roses are related to cherries, raspberries, and almonds? How about that dandelions have natural health

'Knook' Pray Love

We have learned of a wonderful new charity that we wanted to share with you all… Knit Pray Love. The campaign is a joint project between national radio station, K-Love and CURE, an international

Crochet: Healthful to Mind, Body, and Soul

March is quickly coming to an end to welcome April and warmer weather. With the new season approaching, we must also say goodbye-for-now to National Craft and Crochet Month. Across the nation, March is

Safari Adventure! – Maggie's Crochet Giraffe Afghan Pattern

Bringing a baby into the family is always a joyous and exciting time in life. There is family to be contacted, baby showers to host and attend, clothes to buy, preparation and schedule adjustments.

Scrap the Day Away! – Maggie's Crochet Scrap Fan Afghan & Pillow Pattern

Scrap patterns are always fun. They are just about as original as crochet patterns can get. Designed to use excessive yarn, you can make just about anything with left over material. Look at these

Baby’s Day Out – Surprise Crochet Sweaters for Baby on

Babies are fascinating. They bring an absolute joy to everyone they meet. They are cute, cuddly, funny, innocent, and precious bundles growing up in a busy world. They remind us of our youth, are

Knots of Love

Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments often lose their hair quickly. A crochet chemo cap keeps their head warm, and offers comfort during a difficult time. Chemo caps, also called beanie caps and skull caps,

Memory Blankets for the Victims of Newtown

0  This is a mission of love for Heather Bowling of Berwick and Stacy Blass of Pottsville. They’re crocheting squares for blankets that will go to the families who lost loved ones at Sandy

Let's Get Together and Help The Children of Sandy Hook With Crochet Snowflakes!!

A Crocheter can offer the children at Sandy Hook some comfort in crocheting or teaching their young children to crochet some snowflakes.  Crocheting these snowflakes for those children is one act that we can

Maggie's First Yarn – Lace Bombing

Maggie’s First Yarn Bombing The offices of Maggie’s Crochet and the Lace Pottery production studio are located in Kernersville, NC.  We are about one half mile outside of the small downtown area.  Our one