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Maggie’s Crochet Top 10 Bestsellers

We are so lucky to have the opportunity to offer great products including original patterns, a premium yarn selection, vintage patterns, fantastic tools, and more! Here are the Top 10 Bestsellers that continue to

Crochet Charities 2013

Your unique and crafty crochet skills aren’t just for creating shawls, afghans, or potholders! Put them to a noble use and crochet for charities.  Lots of charities in the United States and around the

Crochet Artist Spotlight: Olek

Yes, that is exactly what it looks like! A small apartment living space COMPLETELY covered in crochet. Not only is this a completely functional apartment covered in intricate designs and colors, but yarn artist

Vintage Crochet: Our Modern Day Inspiration

Let’s travel back to a time when crochet was becoming a popular clothing and accessory trend. Yes, there are numerous patterns out there today for crocheted ponchos, granny square rugs, slouchy hats and the

Crochet Trend Alert: Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are a sweet and stylish way to show those around you how dear your friends are. Crochet friendship bracelets are usually quick and easy to make, can be colorfully adorned with your

Vintage Potholders: Reds & Blues

Vintage Potholders are sure to remind you of a simpler time.  The first all-potholder leaflets came about in 1941, complete with stitch instructions and patterns. This was a classic time before television: when the

Crochet Critters

Crochet animals are a very cute and easy way to practice your crochet skills while producing an adorable result. Take a look at these clever and charming ideas from around the web: Here are

Crochet Artist Spotlight: Toshiko Horiuchi-MacAdam

Japanese fiber artist Toshiko Horiuchi-MacAdam has brought an entire new life and perspective to crochet through her large, colorful, crochet playgrounds and installations.  Acquiring a Bachelor and Master’s Degree of Fine Arts in the

Crochet Fashion Must-Haves: Spring & Summer 2013

Crochet has been a staple textile in the fashion industry for decades. Fashion designers and fabric gurus alike have been creating cable knit sweaters, comfy shawls, and classic crocheted vests that have remained year-round

Inspired Design: Allison Weldon of Nosilla Vintage

Meet Allison Weldon of Nosilla Vintage in downtown Greensboro, NC.  A stylist, freelance interior designer, and lover of all things vintage, Allison’s successful Etsy shop Nosilla Vintage  promotes her artistic eye for pulling together

DIY: Freeform Crochet

Freeform crochet requires a dedicated mind and the ever-changing creativity of the heart.  All pieces are an original masterpiece created by the crocheter.  It is truly an art within the art form of crochet. 

Mosaic and Motif Afghans

Are you registered up for our daily newsletters? Today’s topic: MOTIF AFGHANS! Look at these beautiful designs by Mona from Knit Nut Natters. What a gorgeous use of mosaic and motif styled crochet! Motif