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Sunday Suprise Pick – Fran's Scarf Free Pattern Tutorial

With Winter just around the corner and holidays where gift-giving is the norm on its heels, it’s time to think “quick and easy” gifts and winter wear! With Fran’s Scarf (FP337, available at

Snippets from Crochet University: Dora Ohrenstein

0 Do you crochet and knit – one or the other or both? I am strictly a crocheter.  I love both crafts, but have very little experience with knitting, and I’m so busy with

Maggie's First Yarn – Lace Bombing

Maggie’s First Yarn Bombing The offices of Maggie’s Crochet and the Lace Pottery production studio are located in Kernersville, NC.  We are about one half mile outside of the small downtown area.  Our one

Crochet Newsflash: Yarn Colors Enhance Moods

Choosing the Right Color Yarn to Elevate your Mood Article Credit: Crochet Comcupiscience When I first began to crochet as an adult I was in the midst of a deep depression. I went to

Sunday Surprise Pick – How to Crochet a Starbella Yarn Scarf

Here’s Parts 1 and 2 of the Starbella Yarn Videos: How to Crochet a Super Easy Ruffled Scarf. Crochet designer Maggie Weldon from show how to make the very popular ruffled scarf in

Sunday Surprise Pick – 5 Quick Crochet How to Tips

If you’re a beginner crocheter or you are teaching a beginner crocheter, here – in just a few short minutes – are some valuable teaching tips from Maggie Weldon on anything from how to