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Are Home Made Gifts of Any Value?

BY: Chris Bordner

I treasure home made gifts. There is something special about making them, and also about receiving them. Store-bought gifts no longer have an appeal to me. I’ve gone to *the other side*. Some friends and family members just don’t understand how I could convert and like what they deem as *cheap*. Their eyebrows twist, their eyes look to the side and squint, they give a half smile while they utter the words, “Thank you.” Their mouths drop open when I receive a home made gift and act like a little kid getting the *best-est* present ever. They pronounce me as hopeless and utterly cheap.   But is that so? Not in the least! In fact it is quite the opposite.

Making a home made gift as well as receiving one is very enriching. There is so much power and opportunity when making a gift. The planning, settling on a pattern, the decision on and hunt for the perfect materials…the construction, proofing, frogging that sometimes erases hours of work, and more things if you think about it …all are involved in a home made gift. Every minute of the process, I am thinking of the person I am making a gift for.

When I receive a home made gift, I am humbled that someone thought of me for the length of time it took to come to fruition.   I mentioned making a homemade gift is also an opportunity. What a wonderful time to learn a new skill! It brings a double pleasure in that it is more difficult since you are trying something new, but then you are presenting something you made *from scratch* in all senses of the word. An appreciative receiver knows the extra work it took, and you are giving your first-fruits of this newly developed skill to someone you love.

I did that for a very dear friend’s and her husband’s anniversary. I learned how to loom knit. I made a Garoo Hat and Mobius Scarf for my friend, and I made her husband gloves, with alpaca…the warmest fiber, and dare I say ‘not cheap’! It was my first time using alpaca, and learning to loom knit. A double new experience for me.   And that was just the beginning of a new love. Feeling so good with developing a new skill, I broadened out and made a Key Hole Scarf and hat with alpaca for my daughter-in-law.   I was very excited to learn how to make flowers on a spool loom! I added a pansy with leaves to the scarf for my daughter in law. This led to making little purses and tote bags for little girls that I know.

I hardly call the time I spent learning a new skill, the pleasure it gave me, and the pleasure of watching the little girls excited with their special purses/totes … as something cheap or of less value than a store bought gift. They are priceless times, priceless gifts.  Even the cats benefited. I made Indian Corn on a spool loom with 100% cotton, and they just love batting and carrying these around.  It warms my heart to see them play with something I made for them.

Let some people choose to roll their eyes if a gift doesn’t have a price tag that you have to fight to take off. They are the ones *settling* for something that only took a couple minutes to go into a store and purchase. (Okay, give them credit for fighting in line at the checkout!) I am so happy with the time it takes me from beginning to end of making a gift for someone… from thinking of how much someone must care for me to go through all of that when they present me with a home made gift. It is wonderful to give a gift that took part of yourself to make, and to feel that loved when receiving the treasure of a home made gift.

Thanks for reading,

Hugs, Maggie

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