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I LOVE Maggie’s patterns!

by JoAnn Dillon

     When I fist started out crocheting as a child, my neighbor lady who was elderly, and widowed, she had a LARGE flower garden in her front yard. Every day after school I would go help her with her weeds, and pick fresh flowers, in return, Mrs. Felderman taught me to crochet, we did granny squares. I was left handed, and she told me I HAD to learn right handed, and I did, and I am GLAD she made me learn that way.

     So then, I took time off as I got married had the kids, and then took crochet back up I joined a crochet site, and waaa laaa there was Maggie and her patterns all over the place, people were making such pretty stuff, I wanted something warm, but wasn’t ready to try shaping or assembling a sweater, so I took on to her Shell Edge Jacket, bought the pattern, the yarn, and worked it up in two weeks, it was so easy to make, and I LOVED it. Well, I don’t have a picture of it, let me explain, I am a retired nurse, and I worked in a locked Alzheimer unit, well one day I had my jacket sitting on the back of the chair, and a female resident, she took to the jacket, I wore it almost every day, and she took it! I didn’t have the heart to take it away from her, I thought, if she loves it that much, she can have it, I can always make another, and I did, then my SISTER took that one, lol, so I have given that up for now. But I WILL make another and KEEP it, maybe I will make it an OUTRAGEOUS color that no one would want it but me!!!

     But Maggie’s patterns are so easy to follow. Now I live on a strict budget as I have Lupus and was forced to stop working. I would LOVE to win the Angels pattern for her afghan, it is so beautiful. I crochet A LOT for the local NICU, and I do for the babies born sleeping (stillborn) and it is wonderful that a mom can wrap up with her baby in the clothes I make and afghans, and then they take the afghans home, and forever have their baby sent with them, and feeling.

     I will never give up my love of crochet, even my husband says he thinks I could crochet in my sleep, many times I have fallen asleep in my recliner crocheting. It is good therapy for me, both physically and mentally, as you can imagine your work, your identity being taken away from you when you can no longer work because an illness has taken over your body, I have had two shoulder replacements on the SAME shoulder, my left one, and just think, if good old Mrs. Felderman RIP wouldn’t have MADE me learn to crochet the right way, I wouldn’t be able to continue my love of crochet today. I still have pain, but them rice packs help a lot. I know how kind Maggie is, I have seen her in groups and she is always willing to give a helping hand, she would NEVER sell you a pattern and leave you high and dry, she would help you if you get lost or can’t figure something out, she is outstanding in my book, and always will be.   Thank you for allowing me to tell a little about my story of my love for Maggie and my love for crochet. JoAnn

Thanks for reading,

Hugs, Maggie

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