Maggie's Essay Contest

Beautiful Colors Choices

BY:Hansika Smith

I am a person who learns from asking any body and any one for help. I listen,   go home, and do it my own way.  I did good a good job until now, but I wanted to make bigger projects.  I have so many difficulties though.  You would have laugh at my project. Am I not wrong, but am I the only one admits this?  Now I am looking at Maggie’s projects on the computer and they give me more hope that I can do bigger projects.  I want to learn other things,  and Maggie shows nice color combination choices.  Sometimes I did not think that two colors go together, but the things on Maggie’s page make me happy to see.  I hope and wish I can use your color coordinating and your projects in the near future in my project without any problems.  I hope your web page will continue to be very helpful to people like me.  Thanks for your web page and your help to many people.  Thank you for giving me chance to say what I like.  Thanks Maggie.

Thanks for reading,

Hugs, Maggie

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