Ripples and Chevrons and Zig-Zags, Oh My!

A major trend in fashion and decor right now is Chevrons – a zig-zag stripe that’s being used in everything from fabric to painting techniques, but crocheters have been creating chevrons for years!  Here are several beautiful crocheted items, all done with a ripple stitch.


Crocheted Kindle Cover

Crocheted Kindle cover by Lavender and Wild Rose.

This simple project is an great way to use up scrap yarn.


Ripple Afghan from the book The Best of Mary Maxim Ripple Afghans.

Ripple Afghan from the book The Best of Mary Maxim Ripple Afghans.

This afghan is one of ten in the book The Best of Mary Maxim Ripple Afghans. It’s a unique twist on a classic favorite.


Chevron Hat

Chevron Hat from the book Crochet Noro.

Another small project, perfect for scraps or a single skein of yarn.


Chevron Afghan.

Chevron Afghan. Source Unknown.

This pattern has very tall ripples, and what gorgeous colors!

Edit: Pattern available from Leisure Arts.


Victorian Ripple Baby Layette Set from Maggie's Crochet.

Victorian Ripple Baby Layette Set from Maggie’s Crochet.

This particular zig-zag is known as a Victorian ripple. It creates a nice light afghan and as you can see here, a beautiful layette set.


Chevron Skirt

Chevron Skirt in Tension Magazine.

This skirt is another beautiful example of a ripple stitch, as well as an interesting color combination. The pattern is available for free, but you must register first.


Snowflake Ripple Baby Afghan from Maggie's Crochet.

Snowflake Ripple Baby Afghan from Maggie’s Crochet.

Ripple afghans can also be made into circles, resulting in star like creations, such as this baby afghan.


The exact pattern for a ripple stitch will vary depending on your project, but here’s a simple project to help you learn the basics: Ripple Dishcloth. Happy crocheting!


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