Maggie's First Yarn – Lace Bombing

Maggie’s First Yarn Bombing

The offices of Maggie’s Crochet and the Lace Pottery production studio are located in Kernersville, NC.  We are about one half mile outside of the small downtown area.  Our one acre commercial property has two houses.  The bigger house at the front of the property is about 1,000 square feet with a 1,000 square foot basement.  It has a breezeway which separates the house from the one car garage.  Our big oval kilns and spray booth are in the garage.

The living room and bedrooms function as offices and the kitchen and dining room area is used for displaying the pottery.

In the back yard of our office we have a row of beautiful Crepe Myrtle trees.  When I lived in Michigan I had no idea what these trees were.  They are similar to lilac bushes but they are not fragrant.  The flowers are all crinkly with a crepe-like texture. Colors range from purple, white, red, and every color in between.  They are known for their colorful and long lasting flowers.  I have often heard them referred to as the “hundred day flower”.  They range in heights between one foot and one hundred feet but most are smaller around ten to twenty foot on average.  They have beautiful elegant flowing branches that look so artistically created by nature.

On Sept 20th, 2011, we decided to yarn bomb (or I should say lace bomb) one of our Crepe Myrtle trees. We thought the elegant branches would look beautiful wrapped in lace.  First I enlisted the help of Ranieri (aka Eddie).  As with many projects, I thought this would be a quick project that the two of us could handle and get done in very little time – well, I was wrong.

After we started putting the lace on the tree we quickly realized we were going to need more help.  We went in the office and recruited Chelsea, Jen and Cindy.

This is Jen sewing lace to the tree.

I tried to work up in the tree but this did not last long.

Ranieri (aka Eddie) to the rescue!  Here he is taking care of the high limbs for us.

Chelsea to the rescue!  Chelsea had to support the limbs that Ranieri was leaning on!  It was a great team building experience!

We wanted to get a piece of lace between two of the tree limbs.  I pried the limbs apart with my foot while Ranieri put the lace on.  This was pretty funny.

We had so much fun.  It was a beautiful day for a lace bombing.

Jen – how cute!  This is an apron that was sent to us.  Jen loves it!

We lace bombed my dog.  I think Annabelle loved all the attention.  Do you think she looks like a nun or a bride?

I love this picture with everyone’s arms in the air.  I wish we would have taken Cindy’s picture.  Cindy was the one taking all of these beautiful pictures.

This beautiful pillowcase doll was in the box of lace we were using.  We thought she looks so cute sitting in the tree.


Annabelle looked cute in the tree too.  By this time the UPS man and neighbors were admiring the tree too.

Oh so beautiful!

Here is the finished Tree.  Isn’t it beautiful!!!  Thank you Cindy, Jen, Ranieri, and Chelsea for helping to make this beautiful lace tree.  You are all awesome.  We had a great time doing it.  Stay tuned for our next bombing adventure coming soon.




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Comments (11)

  • Tambra 12 years ago Reply

    Wow! Your tree lacing project turned out beautiful. What a fun time that had to be, especially with such good friends!

  • Janet 12 years ago Reply

    That is so cool! It looks beautiful.

  • Karen 12 years ago Reply

    The tree looks beautiful, a lot of hard work you all put in. It was well worth it with the end result looking so good, thank you for sharing this story 🙂

  • Judith Rotruck 12 years ago Reply

    Maggie, I love the lace-bombed crepe myrtle! The photos are so cute. Very creative. Best of luck to uou in all your adventures.

  • Beth 12 years ago Reply

    What are you going to do with it when the weather starts to get to it? I hate to see all that beautiful lace get ruined!

  • Carol Flynn 12 years ago Reply

    With that mischievous grin, Annabelle could never be mistaken for a nun! Great job with the tree! You guys have more tenacity than I possess. I might have completed one branch!

  • Lena McLeod 12 years ago Reply

    I have been to your place there in Kernersville, I have a dear friend that lives there. You do have a very pretty row of crepe myrtles there! I would love to have seen this in action!

  • Judy 12 years ago Reply

    I love Crepe Myrtles, I have them all over my yard here in Florida. The lace really makes them look beautiful as the branches look like birch from the pictures. You have a cemetery across the street? The spirits will come and really enjoy what you have done. Thanks for sharing. Judy

  • Barbara 12 years ago Reply

    I love crepe myrtle trees, they won’t stand the Ks winters
    Or I would have one. What you have done, only
    Makes it even more beautiful.

  • Karen P 12 years ago Reply

    The tree is beautiful! All the lace is awsome!!
    I say that Annabelle looks like a beautiful Bride!
    Can’t wait to see more Boomings!

  • Elizabeth Macaluso 12 years ago Reply

    They look lovely. I can’t imagine what people would say as they drove down the room.

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