A Laugh a Day

There are proven health benefits to laughing.  Studies show that just a few minutes of laughter can lower your stress levels and blood sugar, raise your natural antibodies, and help you get a better night’s sleep! I prescribe the following photos, guaranteed to make you smile with no nasty side effects (except perhaps the urge to buy more yarn).


Ball of Wool Deckchair

Ball of Wool Deckchair by Robert Bailey, found at Thoughts from the Bus Stop. Photo by Ashley Pickering.

This chair was made circa 2005  for a competition to design an Alternative Deckchair.  Ok, ok – so these are knitting needles – but come on.  It’s still pretty funny.  The only problem is that I would start to crochet my chair into something like a lovely blanket, and soon I would have no chair! ¹


Being a crocheter is sorta like being a magician.

Created by user juststitched on someecards.com.

And sometimes you have no idea how you did it either.


Um, no, I haven't seen your knitting.  Have you asked the dog?

Found on Facebook.

What is it about cats and yarn?



Designed and sold by John Caswell.

John Caswell has re-designed many common household items into unique and innovative pieces of art.  These buttons are just one example.


Organized Yarn

Designed and sold by Amy-Elyse Neer.

Is your yarn so fed up with your storage system that it’s organizing itself?  (Check back soon for a post about creative ways to store your yarn!)


Scratchy Yarn

Created by juststitched on someecards.com.

Sorry friends.  That’s just the way the yarn tangles.



Sew-in labels by Sublime Stitching.


My grandmother used to make me the most adorable outfits when I was young, always accompanied by a “Made by Grandma with Love” label.  I wonder if she would have used these if they had been an option…


¹Sadly, none of the links in the original blog post are working anymore.  The company’s website seems to have changed to this, but they don’t seem to be hosting this competition any more, nor could I find archives of previous years.


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