Patriotic Coaster Free Crochet Pattern

Independence Day is coming soon! Did you know that the oldest continuous Independence Day celebration in the United States is the 4th of July Parade in Bristol, Rhode Island? This parade has been held every year since 1785. That’s a lot of parades!

Are you having an Independence Day celebration? It’s probably going to be hot, and you can use these Patriotic Coasters for your drinks. They also add a festive touch to your holiday decor.


Click on the photo for Patriotic Coaster free crochet pattern

You will want to make your coasters from a worsted weight cotton yarn. Cotton is best for this project because your coasters are going to get wet, and cotton will absorb that moisture. It’s also an easy care yarn; just throw your coasters in the washer and dryer and they’re ready to use again. We’ve chosen Home Cotton for this project. You will also need an H-8 crochet hook.


Click on the photo for Home Cotton Yarn


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Patriotic Coaster Free Crochet Pattern

Home Cotton Yarn

Right-Handed Video

Left-Handed Video

Maggie is excited to bring you these new Patriotic patterns: Enchant Flowers Flower, Patriotic Coaster, Patriotic Merry Necklace, Patriotic Oven Mitt, Starbella Starry Night Patriotic Necklace, Patriotic Pony Tail Holder, Patriotic Ruffled Merry Scarf.

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