Basic Super Easy Crochet Hat Free Pattern by Maggie Weldon

Crochet a hat for anyone using any yarn with these super easy instructions and YouTube video.

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Make a hat to fit any size head and use any yarn.

 Suggestion: First make a hat for yourself using bulky weight yarn.

 Make Rounds of the Basic Double Crochet Circle Pattern until it measures the suggested

Crochet Hat Circumference listed below.

 Following Rnds: Ch 3, dc in each dc around; join.

After doing a few Rnds fit piece on your head to check size. 

 If it was too small pull back to the last increase Rnd.

Do another increase Rnd using the Basic Double Crochet Circle Pattern. 

If it was too big, pull back to Rnd before last increase Rnd.

Delete the last increase Rnd or reduce the number of stitches in the last increase Rnd. 

When you’ve reached the desired length finish off or sl st around to reduce stretching.

You can continue adding Rnds for a cuff.

Head Sizes


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  • Sara Gilbert 11 years ago Reply

    Thank you for the Super Easy Crochet hat! I am teaching a beginners crochet class and some of my students are more sight learners rather than pattern readers. I think they are going to “get it” with this pattern.

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