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Check Stitch – Step by Step with Maggie Weldon

There are many variations of the crochet check stitch. Check stitches are created using everything from single crochet stitches to taller double and triple crochet stitches. The width and the height of the boxes

Vintage Crochet Lace Doilies – Wall Art

A while ago I saw, a crochet room divider on the apartment therapy website. The divider was crocheted using a heavy jute type rope and a large crochet hook. When I saw this I

Turning Chain

The turning chain is a crochet step to keep your work even on the sides since crochet stitches vary in height. Making one to five chain stitches before turning the row accommodates the height

Learn the Royal Ridge Stitch with Maggie

This crochet stitch looks like it would be difficult, but it is an extremely easy stitch to crochet. This is a great stitch for a beginner crocheter. With very little experience crocheting you should

Learn Basket Weave Stitches with Maggie

The Basket Weave stitch has many variations. The variations include different numbers of raised double crochet stitches and different sizes of blocks. Different variations may also include the use of different stitches like the

Crochet Hanging Vase – Easy Pattern How To Video and Pattern

Click the photo for video tutorial with Maggie Weldon and subscribe to her youtube channel for video updates when other tutorials are posted. Click the photo for a left handed video tutorial with Maggie

Crochet Ruffle Stitch Single – Learn How To with Maggie Weldon

The Ruffle Stitch is worked in one stitch and there are two variations – Single Ruffle Stitch and Double Ruffle Stitch. This post will feature the Single Ruffle Stitch and a video tutorial from

Crochet Ruffle Stitch Double – Learn How To with Maggie Weldon

There are two versions of the Ruffle Stitch – Single Ruffle Stitch & Double Ruffle Stitch. Both stitches are worked in one stitch. This post will feature the Double Ruffle Stitch and a video

Sunday Surprise Pick – How to Roll the Perfect Ball of Yarn: So Simple!

If you’re anything like me, when I finish a project, there’s always scraps leftover. And if you’re a pet owner, those scraps may just be an absolute mess from your energetic sidekick’s playfulness. So,