Color and Crochet

Color is in everything we see.  We use color to accentuate, decorate, design and wear in order to illustrate our feelings, mood or style.  Color in crochet can make all the differences and it’s absolutely stunning to see a collection in monochromatic tones. Below are some emotions and characteristics colors are associated with and some beautiful examples of color in crochet:

RED: strong, passionate, prideful, powerful, bold

BLUE: Cool, calming, loyalty, trust, creativity, wisdom

GREEN: nature, health, growth, fertility, finance, security

ORANGE: bright, warm, tropical, healthy foods, stimulates appetite, fun

PURPLE: stability, royalty, nobility, wealthy, extravagant, mysterious

YELLOW: youth, fun, happiness, energy, playfulness

To find out more about color psychology visit Digital Skratch and find out how colors affect your life and style!

If you’re in need of some bright, bold new colors for your crochet projects, we’ve got some fantastic premium yarn in a huge variety of colors that will suit all your needs!

Lion Brand Wool-Ease Think & Quick


Da Vinci Yarn by Lion Brand

The Holidays are just around the corner! Check out these beautiful little angels for your tree.

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