Couture Jazz Woven Cowl


If you were in Girl Scouts, you might remember weaving a “Sit-Upon” out of newspaper or some other type of paper. Or maybe you made woven potholders. Chances are, you’ve done a little bit of weaving somewhere. If not, no problem. We’re going to show you how to weave with Couture Jazz® to make a soft, warm cowl.

woven-couture-jazz-cowl-folded-optw - Copy

You will need a piece of cardboard and something to hold your yarn onto the cardboard. We’ve used the top of a paper box and some straight pins, but you could also use clothespins or binder clips to hold your yarn to the box while you weave.


weave-couture-jazz-cowl-detail-optw - Copy

Watch the Right-Handed Video Tutorial:

Watch the Left-Handed Video Tutorial:

There are so many fun projects like this one that you can do, even if you don’t have crochet or knitting skills. Check out the project ideas on our blog page Yarn Crafts: No Knitting or Crocheting Required.

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Couture Jazz Yarn

Right-Handed Video

Left-Handed Video



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