Crochet Newsflash: Festival of Trees is Coming Up Quickly


The Brenner Children’s Hospital Festival of Trees sets a main theme for each year’s event, which changes each year. The decorated trees and other items are designed around an individual theme that the decorators builds off the main theme for the current year. A theme change with every event keeps the festival fresh and enjoyable for the 4,000 visitors that attend this two-day event. Maggie Weldon has the honor of being a contributor to the 2012 Festival of Trees. A 7-1/2 foot tree will feature crochet Christmas decorations by Maggie Weldon and the fans of her line of crochet patterns. Maggie is bringing this traditional handicraft to the festival by adorning a 7-1/2 inch tall lighted tree with a large variety of crochet decorations. The individual theme for the tree is “Angels”, with a plethora of crochet Christmas angels covering the branches.

Maggie’s Crochet and Needlework Crafts wants your help in crafting white angel ornaments. We ask that you use light blue or gold trim if you decide to incorporate color. These crocheted, knitted, tatted, and woven creations need to be sent to 705 Graves Street, Kernersville, NC 27284 by November 1st. This is an opportunity to join a charity and make the Maggie Weldon Crochet tree a true team effort. Maggie Weldon plans to document all aspects of the decorating process, from the making of ornaments to the decoration of the tree. Videos and pictures of the ornaments as they are sent in will be available online to give inspiration and increase the excitement of this project. In addition all angel ornaments are 60% off until the deadline, but other designs are more than welcome!


Maggies Angel Ornament Designs 60% OFF unitl Nov 1, 2012

Lacy Angels Set Pattern: http://maggiescrochet.com/lacy-angels-set-pattern-p-449.html

Little Angels Set Pattern: http://maggiescrochet.com/little-angels-set-pattern-p-452.html

Christmat Ornament Set 1: http://maggiescrochet.com/christmas-ornaments-set-1-pattern-p-401.html

Thread Ornament Set 1: http://maggiescrochet.com/thread-ornament-set-1-pattern-p-450.html

Raffia Angel Free Pattern: http://maggiescrochet.com/raffia-angel-free-pattern-p-1867.html

Raffia Angel Head Free Pattern: http://maggiescrochet.com/raffia-angel-head-free-pattern-p-1866.html

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