Everyday Easter Eggs


Have you crocheted your Easter Basket yet? Now you need Easter eggs to fill your basket, so why not make them too? These cute little eggs can be crocheted using any yarn you like and are made to cover a plastic Easter egg. The pattern for crocheted egg covers can be found here. We suggest any of these yarns: Ever Soft Multi colors, Hipster, Serenity Chunky, or Afternoon Cotton Colors.


Razzle Dazzle Easter Eggs


The color possibilities are endless!


Aren’t they beautiful?


This egg was crocheted with Serenity Chunky Sequins.

Watch the Right-Handed Video Tutorial

Watch the Left-Handed Video Tutorial

You also have the option of knitting your eggs with the pattern found here.


These eggs were knitted with Everday Yarn.

The knitted eggs are worked using Everday Soft Worsted Print yarn from Premier. Each egg is made with two strands of Everyday in contrasting colors to add visual appeal. Everday comes in several colors and prints that can be found here. Choose several of your favorite spring colors and prints.

If you haven’t crocheted your Easter basket, you can find details on how to make it here.

Here are the quick links to products and videos contained in this post:

Pattern (Crochet eggs)

Ever Soft Multi Yarn

Serenity Chunky Yarn

Hipster Yarn

Afternoon Cotton Colors Yarn

Pattern (Knit eggs)

Everyday Yarn

Right-handed Video

Left-handed Video

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