Free pattern: Starbella Flowers Hand-chained scarf

Ruffled scarves are the latest fashion accessory and they come in all colors and varieties. Starbella Flowers creates pop-up flowers as you work with it, making a unique flower motif. And this hand-chained scarf is so easy to make, anyone can do it. No pattern is necessary. All you need are your fingers and about 5 minutes of your time to make this beautiful scarf.


Starbella Flowers single chain scarf

Watch the Right Handed 5 Minute Starbella Flowers Hand Chained Scarf Video:


and, for our special left-handed crocheters….

Watch the Left Handed 5 Minute Starbella Flowers Hand Chained Scarf Video:


To recap our videos, view the still images shown below:


Opening the skein of Starbella Flowers


Capture 2

Make a slip knot


Capture 3

Hand chaining with Starbella Flowers


Capture 4

Single chain competed


Capture 5

Working with single-chained Starbella Flowers to make double chain


Capture 9

Starbella Flowers: single vs. double chain


Happy hand-chaining,


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