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We have learned of a wonderful new charity that we wanted to share with you all… Knit Pray Love. The campaign is a joint project between national radio station, K-Love and CURE, an international nonprofit organization that uses unique channels to aid disabled children. Knit Pray Love is an effort to deliver hand-knitted hats and blankets to show love to children and families in Afghanistan.

The organization states that, unfortunately, crochet items (which can often be less breathable) are less appropriate for colder months so they only accept knitted items. But we think this is such a worthy cause we wanted to find a way for us crochet enthusiasts to lend a helping hook to this worthy cause as well. So we’d like to encourage and challenge all of you who have recently discovered knooking to try your hand at creating a hat or blanket for this campaign. This would be an awesome for you to use your new skills to make a difference in the lives of others.

The request is for items for children from newborn to 12-years. They also encourage hand-written notes of support to send with the items as well as prayers. The deadline for item submissions is February 15, You can find some great pattern ideas here:

Baby Blankets Made with The Knook
Urban Hats Made with the Knook

More than 80 million physically disabled children in the developing world can be cured through surgery. These children have conditions like clubfoot, bowed legs, cleft lips, untreated burns, and hydrocephalus. Without care, they won’t go to school, will have little hope for a future, and many will die from their condition.

CURE is a non-profit organization that operates hospitals and programs in 20 countries around the world where patients experience the life-changing message of God’s love for them, receiving surgical treatment regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, or ability to pay. CURE’s mission is to bring 100% physical and spiritual healing to these children.

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CURE Knit Pray Love from CURE Video on Vimeo.

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