Learn to Crochet Part 2: Crochet Next Steps


Welcome to Crochet University!

Welcome to Crochet University’s second semester recap. At this point you should be ready and able to tackle just about any basic crochet project, and maybe even venture out into more complicated stitches and patterns.

First off, let’s review this week’s lessons:

Half-Double Crochet


Click on the photo for Half-Double Crochet Lesson and Videos


Double Crochet


Click on the photo for Double Crochet Lesson and Videos


Half-Treble Crochet


Click on the photo for Half-Treble Crochet Lesson and Videos


Treble Crochet


Click on the photo for Treble Crochet Lesson and Videos


Stitch Comparison


Click on the photo for Stitch Comparison Lesson and Videos


Crochet Through the Front and Back Loops


Click on the photo for Front and Back Loops Crochet Lesson and Videos


Now that you’ve grauduated from Crochet University, it’s time to stock up on supplies and get started on your first crochet projects. Let’s start with yarn.  Serenity Chunky Prints and Deborah Norville Everyday Worsted Yarn are both great choices for first crochet projects. A worsted or chunky weight yarn means a project that you can complete quickly. And Serenity Chunky and Everyday both come in tons of beautiful colors and patterns.



Click on the photo for more Serenity Chunky



Click on the photo for Everyday yarn.

Now, about those crochet hooks…..you will want something comfortable because once you start crocheting it’s really hard to stop! And you will need several sizes to accomodate your new patterns and yarns. Dreamz are some of our favorite hooks because they are warm and comfortable in your hands and they have a deep groove or “throat” that keeps your stitches firmly in place while you are working. Another great crochet hook set is the Amour Set. These hooks come in bright, fun colors and have a comfortable ergonomic design. Check them out!


Click on the banner for Dreamz Hooks

Need some ideas on projects? The Crochet! 10 Year Anniversary Collection is a DVD with over 1700 patterns. You’ll get every single pattern, stitch, article and tip — in its entirety! This single DVD gives you More Than 1,700 Patterns from 2002 through 2011 And the PDF format (requires free Adobe Reader®) makes it EASY to search and find just the pattern you want. Order your slice of crochet history today!


Click on the photo for Crochet! Collection


We’re so excited that you’ve come on this journey with us, and we can’t wait to see your new crochet projects. You can share pictures of your work with us on Facebook by clicking on the Facebook link at the bottom of this post, “like” our page, and then upload your photos for us to share.

Maggie is excited to bring you Crochet University: Second Semester. Lessons for this semester are: Half-Double Crochet, Double Crochet, Half-Treble (Triple) Crochet, Treble (Triple) Crochet, Stitch Comparison and Crochet Through the Front and Back Loops.

Hugs, Maggie

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