Maggie's Essay Contest: Oh, The Possibilities!

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Oh, The Possibilities!

BY: Joy Jarvis

Next to my chair sits a skein of red yarn. This may not look like much to anyone else. I look at it and see possibilities. My Crochet hook and I are going to turn this into something amazing. It’s a vibrant red. The kind of red that would be a focal point in any room. Maybe I’ll make a throw pillow. I could have it out for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Forth of July to celebrate. Maybe I’ll make a holiday decoration, like a Santa figure that will be out for all our Holiday pictures. Maybe I’ll make a wreath to brighten my doorstep when guest arrive. Maybe I’ll make some coasters for when my guest have drinks. Maybe I’ll make slippers like my Mom used to make to help keep my feet warm. Maybe I’ll make a hat to keep my loved ones warm when winter arrives. Maybe I’ll make a scarf to donate to a worthy cause, such as deployed soldiers or homeless people. Maybe I’ll make an afghan to bring comfort to my family. Something for us to snuggle under when there’s more than a foot of snow waiting for us outside. An afghan to be there when one of us is sick, surrounded by tissues, and sipping on tea or chicken soup. It will keep us warm and cozy in sickness and in heath. An afghan for my daughter to turn into a fort on a rainy day or put her stuffed animals to sleep under at night.

I have an afghan like that. My grandmother made it for me when I was 12. Purple and pink made to match my Miss Piggy bed spread. It still sits in my living room. After many washes, the stitches may be a little looser, but still in great shape. Almost 30 years after it was made for me it still brings me joy to grab it and curl up with it when it’s chilly. Each time it brings back some wonderful memories, even after she’s been gone for so many years now.

She taught me how to crochet when I was just 5 years old. I remember spending weekends at her house and we would look at patterns and pick out yarn. She could crochet anything by just looking at it. She once used the tiniest needles and thinnest thread to make me a tea set for my Barbie dolls. All that love comes back to me every time. My husband and daughter just see it as an afghan. I see it as a family heirloom. It is a piece of me. Yes. Maybe I will make a red afghan for my daughter. That sound perfect.

And look… here’s a pretty blue that would make a great scrunchie for my daughters hair, and I love purple for those slippers, and some green for a scarf to match my coat. And my husband’s coat is black, so I’ll need some of that. And if I order it on-line it will be delivered right to my house… Oh, the possibilities!

Thanks for reading,

Hugs, Maggie

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  • eileen richard 11 years ago Reply

    I would like to vote for this essay..it is wonderful!!

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