Maggie's Essay Contest: God & Paula's Designs

Although Maggie has selected the top three entries, we want you to nominate your favorite essays for the People’s Choice award. The recipient of the award will win a package of crochet books and yarn totaling over $100.

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God & Paula’s Designs

by Paula Thomas

     My mother taught  me to crochet when I was 8 or 9. I love crocheting and making all kinds of pretty things made out of yarn. I crochet all kinds of stuff with God’s help. Crochet means a lot to me. I love  crocheting, it relaxes me. I have lot’s of pretty yarn and have so many ideals in my head to make. This is some of the stuff I make. Bible Markers of all colors. Bag holder’s made in different colors. Baby blankets, holders for hair bows, crochet picture frames, crochet scarfs different size’s. I would love to have my own craft shop some day.

With God’s help I can make beautiful crocheting things with my hand’s.  I love doing it and making things to sell. The things I make God put’s them there. Without God’s helping hands I couldn’t make the pretty things I make. Crocheting is a big part of my life. I love doing it. I do not work, so I crochet a lot. If I have to go somewhere and sit, I make special little bags to take.  A bag of yarn, crocheting needle and a pair of scissors. You will find some bags handing just in time to go. Crocheting is a big part of my life. I am so blessed to be able to crochet and make beautiful things with the arthritis in my hands. As starting out so young in crocheting over the years I have made so many beautiful things.  My first thing my mother taught me to make was a crochet pot holder. Today I am making all kinds of beautiful stuff. I am glad my mother taught me to crochet, cause I love it.

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