Maggie's Essay Contest: How It All Began

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How It All Began

BY: Krystyl Randall

It all started way back when my son was only 3.  He had just been diagnosed with leukemia and my world seemed bleak.  I spent many days with him in the hospital wondering what to do.  I brought his older sister (she was 4) in as often as I could so they could be together still.  One day as my two were busy playing in the toy area of the hospital ward, I spotted one of the other children sitting with his grandmother.  She was making a lovely blanket for the boy.  I had always seen knitting but had never seen anyone crochet before, though I knew it existed.  I decided to go over and watch how it was done.  She gave a smile as I came over, and even held up her work for me to see better (I’m legally blind so must view things very close).  I was enthralled.

She then began to teach me. I adored crocheting… it was so much easier for me than knitting and I began making a small blanket of my own from the lovely yarn I had been gifted by this woman.  Now, I honestly didn’t work on it very much, as other obligations and distractions made it hard to find free time to do more than just a row or two.  After about three months I only had about a foot length done.  Then I got too involved with other things as my son went through his chemo and my daughter started school all at the same time.

The poor blanket wound up getting placed on a shelf in a bag and collected dust. The years went by, and my son continued to stay healthy after his chemo and also began school.  I wound up working at one point, but after a while my eyesight made it difficult for me to keep working and I had to quit.  More years went by and I wound up moving the whole family from one city to another.  Both children were now in their early teens and needed me less and less.  One day I was going through some of the boxes still sitting in my closet from after the move and discovered the old blanket, still sealed in it’s bag along with the yarn and hook I had used.  I pulled it out and after viewing a few videos online to get the stitches right I managed to get back into the swing of things.

I’m still somewhat slow at my crocheting due to my severely poor eyesight, but this time I can spend more time working on projects.  I crochet sitting in front of the TV, I take my work to the doctor’s office, and have even sat on long bus rides crocheting away.  I now make a lot of crocheted things, such as afghans, amigurumi toys, baby items, hats, and scarves. The blanket I started making so many years ago finally got finished last year and is now being used by the son of one of my daughter’s best friends!  He looks so cute sleeping all bundled up in it.

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Hugs, Maggie

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