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Sitting on Mama’s Lap Crocheting

By Elizabeth Belcher

I remember as a little girl sitting on my Mothers lap watching her crochet lap Afghans for people in Nursing homes. Needless to say I was blessed to have a Mother that loved crafts and gave me the talents that I have today.  Maggie’s patterns are cutting edge always updated and designs are just amazing. There are so many patterns to choose from its hard just choosing a few.  would be impossible, I love all the doll patterns from American Girl, Baby Dolls, Crochet Dolls.  Love this one for us plus size girls,  http://maggiescrochet.com/suzette-doll-p-889.html .

I feel like the youth of today has gotten away from the crocheting world, as my daughter said I just don’t have the time to sit down and crochet. We should all take the time, giving the gift made with love, time and effort means so much more than the commercialized gifts that most people either throw aside or re-gift, or just take them back. Something made with love they treasure a lifetime. Being new to Maggie’s Crochet site has opened a whole new world for me. I am so excited about all the variety of the pattern she offers from all the designers. Keep up the good work, you have created a fantastic site to insure that we keep crocheting alive and well. Firm believer in time honored traditons, and values. Maggie has definiatly kept up with old familar traditions and passing this down to her children so they can keep this craft alive.

Now a little history of the crocheting, it started in 1743 the nuns started teaching children.  This became a social acceptable thing to do. All the designs color, table clothes bedspread, lace trims were a sign of a well bread young lady in those days. The French are the ones that started the crochet, which in French that means hook. Back then the lacy designs were so small and detailed.

Thought that was a little tidbit to pass along.  I had gotten away from crocheting and crafting, until my Son went to Iraq , the most stressful year of my life. I started finding things to take up time from the worrying and found that in my crochet work. I accomplished so many things that year and have stayed with it now. Giving things to the troops was a joy to my heart. Since the weather was so hot Afghans and things of that nature were out, but things to decorate their rooms was in. I had a great time doing that. My goal for the coming year, if my Husbands health holds up for me to do, is to set up a shop where we can crochet, drink coffee, and just socialize while we are crocheting to try and get people to learn a craft so they can pass this down to future generations.

To give credit where due, you have done amazing things with your site and the things that you make, and the online sessions. I so enjoyed that last night. I got to connect to other crafters and got to make something really beautiful and useful. Pretty much confined to home with hubby so meeting people is out and it was a great place to communicate with others. Just wanted to thank you for allowing us to do this it was a nice change of pace for me. Well time for my ranting and ravings to come to a close, keep up the good work and lets teach someone new to crochet today and give them the joy that crocheters have enjoyed for years.

Thanks for reading,

Hugs, Maggie

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