Memory Blankets for the Victims of Newtown


This is a mission of love for Heather Bowling of Berwick and Stacy Blass of Pottsville. They’re crocheting squares for blankets that will go to the families who lost loved ones at Sandy Hook Elementary school.

“As soon as I found out about it I knew I had to do something.  And this is what I do,” said Heather Bowling.

So they reached out to others to help make these squares that will all be crocheted together into what they are calling memory blankets.

The two went to Facebook to get other volunteers and their idea went viral.

Those who crochet quickly went to work. Worldwide, people are making these squares and sending them in.

“It is amazing.  We weren’t expecting much.  We weren’t expecting many volunteers.  Over a thousand people later we have a ton of squares coming in, a lot of blankets being pledged to be made,” said Stacy Blass.

For those deeply saddened by the killing of the boys and girls in Connecticut, this is a therapy of sorts.

Heather and Stacy can’t get the images of those young faces out of their minds as they work on each square, and eventually link them all together.

“When you are making the squares you are thinking about all those poor little kids and all those families that have lost someone to something so terrible.”

“I’ve received messages from people thanking me for putting it together and they are putting their whole heart into it and they just pray for all those families that were involved.  Not just those who lost loved ones but everybody who was involved,” said Bowling.

It will take months to get all the blankets done, by then the media focus on Newtown will be less.  The delivery of blankets will show they’re never forgotten.

“That will be so emotional but it will be so worth it to say ‘we’re still thinking of you,” said Blass.

“I hope that it brings them a bit of comfort.  I hope when they hold these blankets they can feel the love that went into it from everybody all over the world,” said Bowling.


Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/478264972211569/

If you need a free crochet pattern for the granny squares http://www.bestfreecrochet.com/2011/12/13/347-grannys-path-dishcloth-maggie-weldon-maggies-crochet/

If everyone would please use this as a sign-up sheet for the squares we would be able to get a round-about estimate on the number of squares we will be receiving. Add your name, number of squares (can edit at any time) and location. Also make note if you are someone who may be willing to assemble and ship if needed 🙂

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