Paul McCartney’s Granny Square Vest

A few weeks ago we had a post entitled What NOT to Crochet Dad – it including a number of crocheted fashion items for men that I couldn’t envision many men wearing. (Go ahead and click the link – I’ll wait while you laugh.)

Lest you think that crocheted clothing for men is an absolute no, I wanted to show you at least one example of crochet for men that works and looks great.


Paul with cigarette

Paul by Henry Grossman, August 1967.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen – Paul McCartney and his iconic Granny Square vest.


Paul on beach

Source Unknown.

Paul paired this vest with a number of different outfits, each of which looked great!  Have you ever heard the saying, “If it doesn’t go with anything, it must go with everything”?  I think this crocheted vest is one of those things.


Paul with suit

Source Unknown.

It even worked great under a suit jacket – the ultimate Day to Evening fashion item.


Paul and John

Photo by Henry Grossman, 1967.

This photo has been cropped so you can better see Paul’s granny squares.  I think he and John Lennon are sporting the same shirt, just with different vests.



Photo by Nigel Jarvis, 1967. Published by Daily Mail.

Nigel Jarvis was 16 when he took this photo of Paul during the filming of Magical Mystery Tour. The photos were forgotten until just a few years ago and were published by The Daily Mail.  Most importantly though, it’s one of the few pictures of the back of the vest, usually only seen from the front.



Clint Eastwood in a spread for Playboy, March 1972.

Paul wasn’t the only guy to fashionably sport the granny square vest.  In this photo from 1972, it seems to be doing great things for Clint Eastwood.



Source Unknown.

Paul McCartney rocked the Granny Square Vest for most of 1967, but what happened to it after that?  Did it get tossed to a lucky fan?  Left behind on a tour?  Did it fall apart or become too iconic to wear on a regular basis?  Whatever the reason, Paul, I would be happy to make you another one.


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