Seed Stitch Belt Free Crochet Pattern


 Ready to try crocheting an accessory? This Seed Stitch Belt Free Crochet Pattern will have you working with the seed stitch pattern, changing colors, AND making a self-fringe, which means you won’t be sewing in any ends! I know that makes me very happy. How about you?


Click on the photo for Seed Stitch Belt Free Crochet Pattern.

This easy accessory pattern uses 2 strands of crochet thread held together which adds to texture of seed stitch.


Close up of Seed Stitch Belt.

For this project we are using Lizbeth Size 3 Cotton Thread in three contrasting colors. Lizbeth is an exceptional crochet cotton thread that comes in 45 beautiful colors.


Click on the photo for Lizbeth Cotton Crochet Thread

You will also need a size G/6 crochet hook. Dreamz Crochet Hooks are some of our favorites. Their polished wood surface insures effortless glide, which means they work with every type of material, including cotton thread. They are also warm to the touch, gentle in the hand and ideal for everyone.

dreamz hook set

Click on the photo for Dreamz Crochet Hooks

Watch the Right-Handed Video Lesson:


Watch the Left-Handed Video Lesson:


Here are the quick links to products and videos contained in this post:

Seed Stitch Belt Free Crochet Pattern

Lizbeth Size 3 Crochet Thread

Dreamz Crochet Hooks

Right-Handed Video Lesson

Left-Handed Video Lesson

Maggie is excited to offer five new free crochet seed stitch patterns:  Seed Stitch Repeat Crochet Pattern, Rapid Blue Dishcloth, Seed Stitch Belt, Seed Stitch Hat, and Antique Elegance Afghan. We hope you enjoy these free crochet seed stitch patterns.


Hugs, Maggie

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