Starbella Strata Fashion Accessories

Have you tried working with Premier Starbella Strata? Strata brings all the fun of ruffle yarns to the next level. Make a quick cowl by inserting your hand into one end and opening up the pre-knit tube — or, knit or crochet into the edge just like with Starbella for billowy scarves and accessories. There are so many different ways to work with Strata! You can make a scarf, cowl or capelet.



Strata Scarf 2 Ways



Strata Crocheted Scarf



Strata Cowl



Strata Capelet


Today’s videos will show you how to make several fashion accessories with Strata. Have fun!

Watch the right handed video:


Watch the left handed video:

For more information on Strata, and a lesson on making the crocheted scarf, visit our previous blog post on Strata here.

The following is a list of the links included in this post:

Starbella Strata Yarn

Scarf Pattern

Cowl Pattern

Capelet Pattern

Right-handed Video Tutorial

Left-handed Video Tutorial



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