Suede Circles Hat Free Crochet Pattern


We love hats, don’t you? This Suede Circles Hat is not your typical crocheted hat. With its defined crown and brim, it resembles Frank Sinatra’s classic fedora, doesn’t it?


Click on the photo for Suede Circles Hat free crochet pattern


This hat is an intermediate skill level project. One of the skills you will need for this project is crochet through the back loop. This stitch creates the ridge around the crown of the hat. You will also be crocheting through the front loop to delineate the band or body of the hat from the brim. Another new stitch is the “crab stitch” or reverse single crochet, which is used to define the edge of the brim of the hat. A lot of new crochet skills packed into a quick project!


Close up of Suede Circles Hat. Notice the definition between the crown and body of the hat, as well as the edge of the brim.


 Suede Circles by Premier is the yarn we used to make this stylish fedora. This project calls for 3 different colors of yarn, but you can choose to make it all one color. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to love your new hat!


Click on the photo for Suede Circles yarn


Watch the Right-Handed Video Lesson:


Watch the Left-Handed Video Lesson:


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Suede Circles Hat free crochet pattern

Suede Circles Yarn

Right-Handed Video Lesson

Left-Handed Video Lesson

 The Suede Circles Fringed Scarf will coordinate nicely with this hat. There’s nothing quite like matching accessories made with soft luxurious yarns to make someone feel special. Who will you be making these items for?


Hugs, Maggie

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