Sweets and Sillies from Winter Wonderland

The Northeast and Midwest have been getting heavy snow and freezing rain.  The winter storms have caused over 1 million homes and businesses in the Northeast to lose power.  The heavy snow, ferocious winds and freezing temperatures have wrecked havoc and left several states with record snowfall totals.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to those in the Northeast and Midwest.  Enjoy a few bits of sweets and sillies from Winter Wonderland.

snow cold love kindness run snow summer warmth

Our differences make us beautiful.


Free hugs for all those in the Northeast and Midwest snow storms!


This summer will be extra sweet.


Do you like to play in the snow?


Do you think snow is beautiful?


Who looks forward to summer?


Who loves snow?

Stay warm crocheting these delightful winter crochet patterns.  Click the images for pattern information.

crochet pattern doll dishcloth set afghan winter coldPB184-merry-merry-bright-afghan-snowflake-crochet-optw_large


Stay warm,


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