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Icy Snowflake Afghan & Pillow – Free Crochet Pattern

January 15, 20151 Comment

  The Icy Snowflake Afghan is based off of a pattern I designed years ago – The Christmas Wrapping Afghan.   The Christmas Wrapping Afghan uses three different colors of worsted weight yarn and a size I-9 crochet hook. We used red, green, and white to make a holiday inspired throw.     The Icy Snowflake […]

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Ruffled Scarf Tips & Tricks: What to Do if Your Yarn Has a Defect

January 14, 20150 Comments

    We love our ruffled scarves! They are so quick and easy to make, and they’re fabulous gifts! Sadly, sometimes you’ll find a knot or other defect in your ruffled yarn. In this video, I’ll show you how to work around those pesky defects! Check out Maggie’s Right Handed Ruffled Scarves Playlist. Check out […]

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Crocheted Shoes

September 13, 20140 Comments

We’ve been taking a look at crocheted fashion the past few weeks, from crocheted jewelry to celebrities in crochet. This week, let’s look at some crocheted shoes – some mass produced and some hand-made.   These shoes are hand-made, down to the hand-cut sole. The maker has many photos of these shoes in many colors […]

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Five More Free Flower Patterns

September 12, 20143 Comments

  This week, we are pleased to present five free flower patterns, designed by Carol Ballard. These flowers can be worked with any weight of yarn. Finer weights will create a smaller flower, and bulkier weights will create a larger flower. Just use the hook size appropriate for the yarn you choose. All of our samples […]

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Hydrangea – Free Crochet Pattern

September 12, 20142 Comments

  Hydrangea bushes are usually recognized by their large, round flowers. These flowers come in a variety of blues and pinks depending on the acidity of your soil.     Our hydrangea pattern utilizes the crocodile stitch to mimic the layers of petals. If you’re not familiar with the crocodile stitch, you can find a […]

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Columbine Flower – Free Crochet Pattern

September 12, 20140 Comments

  Aquilegia – often known as Granny’s Bonnet or Columbine –  gets its name from aquila, the Latin word for eagle, since its petals are said to resemble an eagle’s claw.     Columbines are usually found in shades of blues, purples, and sometimes pinks. Some are one color, and some will have white inner flowers, […]

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