Granny Squares Gone Wild

A few weeks ago, we showed you some beautiful examples of crocheted pieces made of granny squares. Grannies often serve as a medium to use up scrap yarns, so they do have a tendency to look a little crazy from time to time. Check out these pictures of some colorful granny square projects and let us know – grannies gone wild or grannies gone awesome?



Granny Square Wreck Room by Allyson Mitchell. Found on Crochet Concupiscence.

Granny Square Wreck Room was an art installation by Allyson Mitchell. It look like she may have missed a little bit of the floor.



Granny square blanket by Buscando Comienzos.


Crazy? Yes. Beautiful? I think so.





Granny square ottoman cover. Source unknown.


A quick way to re-cover any furniture is with granny squares.



Mailbox yarn bombing by Just Be Happy Life.

Granny squares are a great tool for yarn bombing because you can make them separately and then sew them around whatever you want.



Baby carriage yarn bombing. Source unknown.


See? Grannies go on everything.



Dress by Christian Dior. Found on Style Bistro.

This dress was part of Christian Dior’s 2013 fall collection. As I look closer at it, I’m not convinced it’s actual granny squares, but the fabric certainly mimics them.



Helsinki Cathedral yarn bombing. Source unknown.

Yarn bombing on a large scale can be simply breath-taking. This appears to be a large number of granny square blankets carefully draped across the steps.


For more granny square inspiration, check out the books and patterns available at MaggiesCrochet.com.


Hugs, Maggie

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  • Laura 10 years ago Reply

    I especially liked the afghan because of its color and pattern variety, I thought the baby carriage was cool, and also thought the massive amount of coverage of the stadium bleachers was amazing. The mailbox looks tacky to me, and an entire room done in granny squares is over the top.

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