Crochet Artist Spotlight: Olek

Olek, All right reserved.

Yes, that is exactly what it looks like! A small apartment living space COMPLETELY covered in crochet. Not only is this a completely functional apartment covered in intricate designs and colors, but yarn artist Olek has actually called this space her home in the past.

Olek, All right reserved.

Olek, All right reserved.

Olek is a Poland native living in the United States (she is currently residing in New York City).  Since moving to the U.S. in 2003, she has been lucky enough to participate in fashion shows, public installations, and has held solo exhibitions in New York City.  She is most famous for her “yarn bombing” and public crochet sculptures. Take a look!:

Olek, All right reserved.

Olek, All right reserved.

Olek, All right reserved.

Olek covering Einstein at the Smithsonian

Even this completely crocheted covered billboard in Oakland got some attention:

Her work is very bold, bright, and no doubt tedious! Olek has a very special passion for crochet and it seems that she views the world as one big crochet pattern. Go to Olek’s website to see more of her work, blog, and collaborative projects.

Take a look at crochet artist Toshiko MacAdam. Her work consists of crocheted playgrounds! How fun!

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