Crochet in the News: You Can Always Be Runway Ready

Crocheted clothing was a fashion trend that hit it big in the 1970’s, with a large variety of garments sporting this handcrafted look. A recent return to the 1970’s clothing style is putting crochet on the fashion runway with a new and appealing look. Crochet is not only for sweaters and heavy garments that you wear during the cool fall and winter months, designers are also creating lightweight garments for fun summer wraps and accessories. Crochet gives designers another medium to add playful elements that either adorn or compliment the designers outfit. Retro clothing has been a hot ticket in the recent years, with crochet making a big splash in runway fashions.

Designers that have included crochet in their fashion include Anna Sui and Proenza Schouler. Sui added crochet elements that include crochet embellishments mixed with feathers of all colors and sizes, and crochet ruffles as an edging and focal point on garments. Schouler mixes crochet embellishments with neon-colored fabrics as a contrast that brings a retro touch to the designs.

You can turn your own crochet projects into runway fashions by mimicking the Anna Sui style by adding some crochet embellishments mixed with feathers to sweaters, t-shirts, scarves or bag. This style works well on a crochet garment or embellishment that is neutral-colored by adding brightly-colored or large feathers that attract attention. Crochet cover-ups for swimming are fashionable and easy to make, while an open-stitch skirt over top of leggings or a tight underskirt adds a retro touch to your wardrobe to spruce up the look.

Finally, crochet is being recognized as the gorgeous needlework that it is.  It’s a buzz word that adds value even if the item is not crocheted the will say it is.  Crochet is hot right now!  For years the fashion industry has labeled crochet garments with “knitting”.  Now leading websites, runways and fashion blogs are calling anything and everything that looks like lace – “crochet”.  Crochet is not looked down upon as it once was.  It is so main stream.  Crochet garments have been featured on clothing websites like Chico.com, ColdwaterCreek.com, Anthropologie.com and more.  When you search “crochet” on any of these sites and others a pages full of garments will appear.  Of those that appear only about 20 % will actually be crocheted or have crochet parts in the construction.  The other 80% of the garments have the word crochet in the description but there is no crochet in the piece.

In an April 2012 blog post captions under these pictures read: Picture #1 – Taylor Swift in a loose off shoulder crochet sweater (this is a machine knitted light weight fabric that is being called “crochet”); Picture #2 – in a vintage Anthropologie crochet dress (they have this right); Picture #3 – runway ready in a long sleeved Rodarte crochet dress (this looks machine made too – I think they call this macramé lace); Picture #4 – Finally, in a crochet dress by Reiss for teen awards (doesn’t look like crochet either).

Also in the same blog post – Kourtney Kardashian in a Tibi Lo Bello Crochet Dress (Left) and out in a pair of crochet shots (right). Both the outfits look comfy and chic!  I think the dress is made to look like crochet but I could be wrong on this one.  I do know it is really cute.  This would make a great crochet design.  The shorts on the right definitely look crocheted.  QVC is currently featuring a Kourtney Kardashian sheer blouse with crochet detail.  There is no crochet in the detail!

And – Other celebrities spotted in crochet include Diane Kruger, Ashley Tisdale and Eva Longoria.  One is actually crocheted and two are fakes.  I think you can guess which one – the center pineapple white lace top.  That is so pretty!  Again this would make a great design.

I guess the general public is really clueless about the difference between crochet and knitting.  Fashion designers and marketers are not clueless.  “Crochet” is the word that sells right now.  It commands more attention and a higher price.  It’s seen as awesome and fits in well with the whole lace fashion trend that has been going on for years.  I guess we will just ride the tide and enjoy the added crochet attention while it lasts.


Maggie’s Crochet Fashion Links – these are definitely 100% crochet…

Shop now:

Jenna Jacket – Coat


Here is a link to the yarn used for this Jacket:


Shell Edged Jacket – super easy and the most popular design we sell.


Here is a link to the yarn used for this Jacket: http://maggiescrochet.com/starlette-yarn-p-2180.html

Flamingo Shawl – Sport weight yarn. Easy to make. Pattern #PA234


Here is a link to the yarn that would work great for this shawl: http://maggiescrochet.com/aunt-lydias-crochet-thread-fashion-3-p-2009.html

Granny Square Coat – this is made with worsted weight yarn.  Granny squares are popular fashion right now too! Great way to use up scraps.


Here is a link to the yarn that would work great for this Jacket: http://maggiescrochet.com/starlette-yarn-p-2180.html

Easy Boat Neck Tunic – Easy skill and crocheted with sport weight yarn.  There are various style options with two borders to choose from and sizes are included for Small to 3X.


Santa Rosa Shawl – is crocheted with sport weight Fashion 3 thread or some call it yarn.  It is huge and beautiful.


Here is a link to the yarn used for this Shawl: http://maggiescrochet.com/aunt-lydias-crochet-thread-fashion-3-p-2009.html

Scrap Granny Hooded Jacket – is a popular classic design.  Even my trendy daughter said she loved this design. http://maggiescrochet.com/scrap-granny-hooded-jacket-pattern-p-410.html

Here is a link to the yarn that would work great for this Jacket: http://maggiescrochet.com/starlette-yarn-p-2180.html

Ripple Cape is quick and easy to make in chunky weight yarn and a larger crochet hook.  Here is a link to the pattern:http://maggiescrochet.com/ripple-cape-pattern-p-231.html

Here is a link to some bulky yarn that would work well for this design: http://maggiescrochet.com/titan-bulky-yarn-p-2147.html

Boucle Jacket Pattern is worked in bulky weight yarn.  It is created with a circle that starts at the back and radiates out.  At the point of the shoulders opening are created for the sleeve placements. A beautiful oversized button adds the finishing touch to this beautiful design.


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