Crochet Roosters: Past and Present

Roosters have been a tradition in many kitchens around the U.S. because of the superstition that they bring good luck. Others place them in the home to make their homes warm, comfortable and inviting, while some people just have a thing for roosters. No matter the reason, roosters have graced the homes of people around the world adding character to any decor. Look at the many ways you can add a crochet rooster to your home and get inspired by these awesome creations!

We’ll start with our Filet Rooster pattern. The colors are anything but drab and the flowers can make this a seasonal piece for spring and summer. Find it here

rooster color

Decorate your kitchen with this Farmyard Kitchen Set by Maggie. Complete with potholder, and towel holder.  Great for anyone who loves the country setting and want to incorporate it in their homes. Start you barnyard decor here!

barnyard set 500

Dawn Davis found a way to make her potholders more fun by creating a colorful crochet rooster and surrounding it with crochet pennies!

crochet rooster potholder

crocheet rooster

crochet pennie

Kris King expanded onto her knowledge of tapestry crochet and created Indian inspired filet crochet keepsake with a rooster on either side. The shapes she creates are amazing and I imagine can be extremely difficult. Don’t let that discourage you, give it a try!

crochet rooster tapestry

Crochet these adorable rooster family complete with baby egg and place it on a mantle or counter. It’s a great conversation started and everyone will be wondering why there are roosters hanging out in the living room. Find this pattern here!


If you love the more tradition look of the rooster. Try this vintage style filet crochet pillow.


If you like that, then you’ll LOVE our Vintage Filet Crochet Rooster & Hen. Get the pattern on our site.

Filet Rooster-800

Filet Rooster-Edge-closeup

Thanks for reading! If you liked this post check out how to make Vintage Doily Wall Art.

Enjoy crocheting, Maggie

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