Five Free Flip-Flop Crochet Patterns


Summer weather is here, and summer is the time for flip-flops! We have five bright and colorful flip-flop patterns for you featuring some of our favorite Premier yarns. These flip-flops are fun and easy projects to crochet using simple stitches. You can quickly make several pairs to match all of your favorite summer outfits. They are also fun projects to do with kids. Enjoy!

Sashay Mini Aqua Flip-Flops


Click on the photo for Aqua Flip-Flop pattern and videos


Click on the photo for Sashay Mini yarn


Merry Pink Flip-Flops


Click on the photo for Pink Flip-Flop pattern and videos


Click on the photo for Merry yarn


Hipster Yellow Flip-Flops


Click on the photo for Yellow Flip-Flop pattern and videos


Click on the photo for Hipster yarn


Home Cotton Purple Flip-Flops


Click on the photo for Purple Flip-Flop pattern and videos


Click on the photo for Home Cotton yarn.


Parfait Green Flip-Flops


Click on the photo for Green Flip-Flop pattern and videos


Click on the photo for Parfait yarn


Maggie is excited to bring you Five Free Flip-Flop Patterns: Sashay Mini Aqua, Merry Pink, Hipster Yellow, Home Cotton Purple, Parfait Green.

Hugs, Maggie

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