Interview: Patti Davis

Patty Davis

Do you crochet and knit – one or the other or both?

I crochet. I grew up in Yakima Washington with my parents and 4 sisters, and watched my mother crochet incredible pieces every evening. She crocheted everything from potholders, pillow lace, scarves, to a traditional pineapple pattern table cloth. My mother wanted to teach me crochet, but I was a tomboy, and too busy running around to learn crochet myself.

How did you learn crochet (or knit)?

My mother passed away when I was 18. In her memory I taught myself to crochet.

How did you become a designer?

Timing being the 1970’s, I crocheted a lot of afghans and Granny Square vests. For a time I put aside my crochet hooks to focus on “groovy” macramé room dividers and plant holders.

How long have you been designing?

When my friends started having children, I dusted off my hooks and started crocheting baby clothes as gifts. I was never one to follow a pattern, preferring to make up my own. Even then, when baby clothes were very traditional pink, yellow, or blue, I followed my own path and used very non-traditional colors.

bomber jacket

Do you design full time?

My friends often encouraged me to sell my patterns, but life never allowed room for that. I was very busy with my career and with my husband Bill, raising Erin and Sara, our two beautiful daughters. I did write a business plan, but shelved it for many years. In 2010 I decided it was the right time to start my pattern business, so I took time off, from my successful direct marketing career, and started Patty Davis Designs.

What is your favorite type of design to create?

My passion is following current trends, in color and style, and translating them into the crochet world.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I love to design the unexpected, such as my children’s Bomber, Motorcycle, and Letterman jackets.

What is your favorite yarn to use?

My favorite yarns to work with are natural fiber yarns, as well as blends.

What are you currently working on?

At this moment I am designing, and getting ready to launch my line of women’s contemporary fashion patterns.

Please list all your designs currently in print:

I currently have two crochet pattern lines: Brite Babies™, my children’s apparel line, and Pillow Art ™, my contemporary pillow line.

pillow 5
pillow 4
pillow 3
pillow 2
pillow 1

Patti’s design patterns are also available from us at Maggiescrochet.com. We currently have a limited number of printed versions of Patti’s designs, but they are all available for download.

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