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My Favorite Pass Time

By: JoAnne Graham

I was taught by an aunt on my husbands side, who was a very talented lady even though polio hit her body at a very young age, spending time in a iron lung.  She made use of her time in learning every hand-work there was.  She also taught me how to knit.  Her greatest accomplishment out of her hand-work was writing a book on tatting.  Many ladies from all over traveled to her, so they could learn the art and then take on possible teaching others.

My first project in learning from her to crotchet was slippers.  I thought, how was I going to make something like slippers, which I thought would be difficult for my first project. But with her being by my side through each step, I made several pairs afterwards.  Later on, I was not afraid to start making sweaters, which seemed to become my favorite patterns.  I also found in having a yarn project to work on, was relaxing to me.  After getting onto the computer, I found sites which offered several choices of yarn but also patterns and that is how I found Maggie’s site

Because I kept finding several free patterns which I loved instead of others wanting to charge me for theirs, I kept coming back to Maggie’s site. I try to learn all new steps that are offered in learning a new stitch that may come up, as that is what makes this art interesting.  I have met several who tell me, “I can’t follow a pattern.”  One would think that is a art in being able to look at something and take off on their own. But I think in learning how to read the patterns, is a better way to go, and then after making the subject once, then one can make it on their own and add their own points of interest.

My only regret is that I don’t have someone in my own family, who has shown an interest in learning this art.  But if they want a scarf, I’m the one they come to and ask me if I would make it for them.  Another regret is I seem to not have extra time in picking up my yarn unless, I’m traveling with someone else driving or I go on vacation.  But I plan on making some changes this winter and get back to crocheting or knitting.

Thanks for reading,

Hugs, Maggie

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