Nylon Scrubbie Free Crochet Pattern


Have you ever tried to crochet your own dish scrubbies? Some people like to recycle the netting bags you get at the grocery store (you know, the ones that apples or oranges come in.) You can cut the bags into 1 or 2 inch strips and crochet them into the scrubbie using a basic circle stitch. For our scrubbie, we’ve used Diamond Net Mesh. It comes in a spool that is 3″ wide by 25 feet long and will make several scrubbies.



Click on the photo for Nylon Scrubbie free crochet pattern



Click on the photo for Diamond Net Mesh


Watch the Right-Handed Video Lesson:


Watch the Left-Handed Video Lesson:

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Nylon Scrubbie crochet pattern

Diamond Net mesh

Right-handed video lesson

Left-handed video lesson

Maggie is excited to bring you seven kitchen helper free crochet patterns: Sandcastles Dishcloth, Lumpy Dishcloth, Jar Opener, Broom Topper, Nylon Pot Scrubber, Nylon Scrubby, Floral Scrubby.

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