Saturday Sillies: Crochet Amigurumi from the Movies!

Amigurumi from the Movies!

These photos come from all over the web. So much creativity out there!

 Did you ever:

… Expect the classics to come to life like this?

… Dream of being part of the Justice League?

… Wish you could flick a whip like Indy?

Do you remember:

… When Star Wars had nothing to do with green screens?

… When the Lorax spoke for the trees ?

Now you can share your love of these classic stories, and enjoy “new” film classics with your friends and family, too!

Such as:

… when the Avengers saved the day… again

… when Transformers Autobots won the day over the Decepticons… again

… when Harry, Ron, and Hermione use their wits to triumph… every time

And don’t forget kids’ newest favorite sidekicks:

… like the minions from Despicable Me

… or the penguins from Madagascar

… and who could forget Captain Jack and Davy Jones’s drama

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