Stash It Up 2: More Ways to Organize Your Yarns

If you don’t constantly consider the best way to organize and store your yarn, then you obviously don’t have enough yarn. Here’s a few ideas on the best way to store your yarn, whether your stash is large or small.

Scrap yarn balled up and stored in glass jars.

Decorative Glass Jars. Source Unknown.

This is a great way to store all those little scraps of yarn you have left after a project. Just wind them up into balls and store in a beautiful glass container. This solution is pretty enough to be left in plain sight as decor.

Glass Jars with Chalkboard Paint

Glass Jars with Chalkboard labels by Raising Up Rubies.

There are many ways to sort your yarn – weight, fiber content, etc – but most aesthetically pleasing is to sort by color, such as these jars with chalkboard labels.

Pegboard Wall Yarn Storage

Pegboard Yarn Storage by Lorna Watt at Knits for Life.

This yarn storage idea not only displays all your skeins, but they are also usable directly from the wall. This knitter rewound all of her skeins of yarn (reducing the space needed by a third!) and mounted them on straight pegs with the center strand hanging out. The only slight issue with this solution is that it doesn’t protect your yarn from dust.

Wall of Yarn Storage

Yarn Wall by Lucky Hanks.

This photo immediately caught my attention for the way the yarn appeared to be floating on the wall!  She used the snap-together type shelves that can be bought at many home stores, though she noted she had to add extra anchors to make the entire unit secure.

CD Tower Yarn Storage

CD Tower Yarn Storage by Morrgan’s Creatures.

This solution doesn’t hold as much yarn as some of the others, but it will fit nearly anywhere!

Wine Rack Yarn Storage

Wine Rack Yarn Storage. Source Unknown.

An old wine rack makes a wonderful place to store your skeins of yarn.

Mesh Organizer Yarn Storage

Five Tier Storage Organizer by Crochet & Knit Shop.

This unit is designed to hang over a closet rod. The mesh provides visibility in each layer.   For more yarn organization ideas, check out our other blog posts on the subject: Yarn Style Spring Cleaning Stash It Up: How to Organize Your Yarns


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  • Pat Dunn 10 years ago Reply

    I’m going withvLucky Hanks Yarn Wall idea, but using plastic stackable file crates 🙂

  • Denice 10 years ago Reply

    Great ideas! I don’t know which I will use. Currently, I am using baskets, an old suitcase that is so full it will not close, some file boxes! I think I am going to try a bookshelf….hmmmm.

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