Seven Free Kitchen Helpers Crochet Patterns


This week we are featuring Seven Kitchen Helpers. From dishcloths to dusters to scrubbies, we have you covered when it comes to quick cleaning. These fun projects are easy to crochet using Home Cotton, Diamond Net Mesh, Everyday Worsted or Afternoon Cotton yarns.


Click on the photo for Home Cotton



Click on the photo for Diamond Net Mesh



Click on the photo for Everyday Yarn



Click on the photo for Afternoon Cotton yarn


Sandcastles Dishcloth


Click on the photo for Sandcastles dishcloth crochet pattern and videos


Lumpy Dishcloth


Click on the photo for Lumpy Dishcloth crochet pattern and videos


Jar Opener


Click on the photo for Jar Opener crochet pattern and videos


Broom Topper


Click on the photo for Broom Topper crochet pattern and videos


Nylon Pot Scrubber


Click on the photo for Pot Scrubber crochet pattern and videos


Nylon Scrubbie


Click on the photo for Nylon Scrubby crochet pattern and videos


Flower Scrubbie


Click on the photo for Flower Scrubbie crochet pattern and videos


Maggie is excited to bring you seven kitchen helper free crochet patterns: Sandcastles Dishcloth, Lumpy Dishcloth, Jar Opener, Broom Topper, Nylon Pot Scrubber, Nylon Scrubbie, Flower Scrubbie.

Hugs, Maggie

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Comments (9)

  • Julie Monson 10 years ago Reply

    Your new way to download (doc to PDF)sucks. I have downloaded this program several times from other websites and it just refuses to work. Your old system allowed a complete download without out any problems. I get this into the system but it will not allow me to download only goes back to the download again. Why do you make it impossible for one to download your patterns? Get rid of this terrible program and go back to one that really works or tell me how to get it to work!

    Susan Walker 10 years ago Reply

    I tried the download, because I wasn’t aware of the monthy free patterns, until today (July 6th). It downloaded as a PDF and opened easily. Possibly, you do not have an Adobe reader on your computer, which is free. Or it could be an older version and not opening the PDF. (I actually need to upgrade mine, but it opened this PDF fine).

    I was pleased to see the photos and instructions. Thank you!

    maggieweldon 10 years ago

    You’re welcome Susan!

  • Bonnie Castrilli 10 years ago Reply

    I agree with Julie. I’ve never had a problem downloading a pattern and refuse to ‘install’ any more software from an unknown source to accommodate the downloading of a ‘free’ pattern. I will go elsewhere and find it. Thanks, but NO thanks.

    maggieweldon 10 years ago Reply

    Hi Bonnie and Julie, what you are referring to is not the blog (where your comments are located), but the free eBook that is now offered from our newsletter. The free eBook is in PDF format, which is an industry standard and does require Adobe Reader to open. Adobe Reader is also an industry standard and is preloaded onto most newer computers. If you don’t have, or don’t want to install, Adobe Reader, you can still access all of our free patterns from our website, http://www.maggiescrochet.com, by searching the name of the pattern from the search box at the top right-hand side of the page. From the individual pattern page, you can then view, print or save the pattern to your computer without using any additional software. Thanks for reading, and Happy Crocheting! -Denise, Crochet Customer Care, MaggiesCrochet.com.

    Della Herbert 10 years ago

    Bonnie has a valid point about downloading patterns, especially with questionable software. On June 4th, I went to download your free May ebook and it was infected with an adware program that wrecked havoc with my computer even though I keep my Norton running at all times. Pop-ups were coming up everywhere to the point of blocking my view of the screen. It took me from 7 pm that evening until about 2 am the next morning to rid the adware and get everything back to the way it was before this. Please, please, please run your patterns through industrial-strength malware detection software before releasing it and check it often once online to make sure what happened to me doesn’t happen to anyone else. I am now too scared to download any other patterns because of it.

    maggieweldon 10 years ago

    Hi Della, I passed this information on to our technical department and they have assured me that all of our applications are constantly scanned for any malware or virus problems. In addition, our email newsletters are generated using an industry standard software application that also scans for problems. We have not experienced any infections. I downloaded the ebooks myself to my personal computer with no problems. -Denise, Crochet Customer Support, maggiescrochet.com

  • Barb Worner 10 years ago Reply

    Hi, I was interested in the pattern for the trellis wrap, but couldn’t find a link for the pattern on this page, is it somewhere else? Thank you for all the patterns and videos you share. The wrap looks like a fun project to work while hanging out with the family in front of the tv, I love to crochet all kinds of things, but need something easy or repetitious to keep my hands busy while watching movies.

    maggieweldon 10 years ago Reply

    Hi Barb, you need to go to the Trellis Wrap page, https://maggiescrochetblog.com/trellis-wrap-free-crochet-pattern/. There are 2 links to the pattern on the page, one at the top and another one at the bottom. In addition, I’ve included the link here: http://www.maggiescrochet.com/pages/trellis-wrap-free-crochet-pattern. Happy Crocheting! -Denise, Crochet Customer Care, MaggiesCrochet.com.

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