Vintage Potholders in the Kitchen

Vintage potholders have a different look and appeal than modern-day potholders. Your first thought when hearing the word potholder is commonly a thick, square fabric that keeps your hands safe while handling hot items. Vintage potholders, and especially those from the 1940’s through the 1960’s, have a decorative appeal more than a practical appeal. These potholders often resembled clothing pieces, floral accents or a lace-look. Vintage crochet potholders may have been used to protect counters or hands from hot pans, but they were also used to decorate the kitchen space.

crochet-vintage-potholder-maggiescrochet-maggie-weldon-dress- 006-optw

Clothing-inspired vintage potholder

crochet-vintage-potholder-maggiescrochet-maggie-weldon-dress- 015-optw

Cute dress vintage potholder

crochet-vintage-potholder-maggiescrochet-maggie-weldon-dress- 013-optw

Bloomer-inspired vintage potholder

crochet-vintage-potholder-maggiescrochet-maggie-weldon-dress- 009-optw

Another bloomer potholder

Vintage potholders had their place in the kitchen when not in use. Some may have hung from the oven knobs or handles, while other may have hung from hooks on the kitchen wall. This gave them the double-use of being a pretty accent and also accessible to quickly grab when they were needed for kitchen work. Many vintage potholders have wear on the backside, while the front remains attractive. This seems to signify that the potholders were actively used but care was taken to keep them as a decorative piece in the kitchen.


Floral vintage potholder in blue


Slightly different floral pattern


Floral and lace


Lace in green and yellow


Beautiful pink lace with rosette


Green and white lace with floral center


 If you’ve missed any of our earlier posts on vintage potholders, you may want to check out History of Crochet Dress Potholders or Vintage Crochet Bloomer Potholders.


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