Arm Knit Scarf – Starry Night, Starbella Flash

We have a new favorite yarn here in the office. It’s Starry Night® from Premier and it is a ribbon yarn. Starry Night is a wide variegated ribbon featuring bars of silver and gold glitter in a palette of 9 fashion colors. While it is perfect for knit, crochet and even tied jewelry pieces, we love it for arm knitting scarves and have combined it with several other yarns to create several glamorous looks.


Starry Night in color Treasure Cove

Starbella Flash® is already known around the office as one of the best yarns for making ruffled scarves. Flash adds a touch of pop and glamour with the frilly glitter worked right into the edge. You can always add Starbella Flash to any seasonal project looking for a touch of glitz!


Starbella Flash in Silver



Scarf with colors above combined



Close up of Starry Night Treasure Cove and Flash Silver


Pick your favorite color combinations of Starry Night and Starbella Flash, and let’s make a fashion statement with a quick arm-knitted scarf.

Watch the Right-Handed Video Tutorial:

Watch the Left-Handed Video Tutorial:

Here is another scarf made with Starry Night and Starbella Flash, this time done in gold tones. Isn’t it beautiful?


Starry Night and Starbella Flash cowl in gold tones



Starry Night and Starbella Flash fringed scarf in gold tones


Starry Night comes in 9 gorgeous colors, and Starbella Flash comes in 16 colors. Just think of the many color combinations you can create!

Maggie has created a Youtube Playlist of Arm Knitting tips that you can view here, or here for the lefties.

Here are the quick links to products and videos contained in this post:

Starbella Flash

Starry Night

Right-Handed Video

Left-Handed Video

Right-Handed Arm Knitting Tip Playlist

Left-Handed Arm Knitting Tip Playlist



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