Bleached Reefs Leave You in Awe


Has the Crochet Coral Reef (CCR) caught your eye yet? The colorful designs and textures give the illusion of real coral growth found in The Great Barrier Reef in Australia. There is a stark contrast to the CCR, and it is called the Bleached Reef.


Taking a look at the Bleached Reef display brings your eye to the opposite extreme. While at first it may seem this reef is just a neutral color adaptation of the original CCR project, in reality it is a display depicting an environmental tragedy that is occurring in living corals. Coral bleaching is real danger and caused by ocean acidification and global warming. Pollutants are threatening to destroy the beautiful coral found throughout the world, not just in the Great Barrier Reef.


The Crochet Coral Reef display of the Bleached Reef again uses the same hyperbolic crochet technique to bring this tragedy to the forefront. Artistic crochet mixed with scientific theory is an appropriate medium that brings public awareness to the amount of destruction happening in the Great Barrier Reef and smaller coral reefs around the world. The elimination of color gives the display a delicate appearance that pulls on-lookers attention to the display. The goal is to have people wanting to learn more about why these creatively made reefs have a lack of color. Bleached Reefs have a realistic appearance that leaves you in quiet awe, thinking about the destruction that is occurring under the ocean waters.

For much more on the Crochet Coral Reef Project, check out Coral Reefs Lead to Crochet Inspiration and Coral Reefs Made By Crocheting.


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