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The Classic Granny Square

The granny square is a timeless classic maneuver of crocheting. Perhaps the reason it’s used so often is because it’s so versatile- you can crochet almost anything using the granny square, and don’t think

Vintage Potholders in the Kitchen

Vintage potholders have a different look and appeal than modern-day potholders. Your first thought when hearing the word potholder is commonly a thick, square fabric that keeps your hands safe while handling hot items.

Vintage Crochet Bloomer Potholders

You may have seen the cute little dress potholders, but what about the bloomers? These little shorts were often called ladies bloomers, and have a similar history to the dress potholders. Vintage crochet potholders

Vintage Potholders: History of Crochet Dress Potholders

At first sight, crochet dress potholders appear to be doll clothes. These cute little dresses actually served a practical purpose in the kitchen from about 1945 through 1960. The war was ending and husbands were

Crochet Rugs: A Modern Classic

Crochet rugs have been around for years.  They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs.  They are trendy, stylish, functional and have a very fun process behind the final product.  Check out some

Vintage Crochet Lace Doilies – Wall Art

A while ago I saw, a crochet room divider on the apartment therapy website. The divider was crocheted using a heavy jute type rope and a large crochet hook. When I saw this I

Maggie’s Amazing Afghans

It’s time we put a spotlight on the heart of crochet: afghans. Summertime means displaying our cutest warm-weather afghans. The whole family will love them- the kids included! Brighten your home and check these

Crochet Hanging Vase – Easy Pattern How To Video and Pattern

Click the photo for video tutorial with Maggie Weldon and subscribe to her youtube channel for video updates when other tutorials are posted. Click the photo for a left handed video tutorial with Maggie

Crochet Roosters: Past and Present

Roosters have been a tradition in many kitchens around the U.S. because of the superstition that they bring good luck. Others place them in the home to make their homes warm, comfortable and inviting,