Chainless Foundation Half Double Crochet How To Video by Maggie Weldon

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Rebecca Sommers Cramer requested a video on our Facebook page for the Chainless Foundation. This one’s for you Rebecca….

I have to admit – until I did the videos on the chainless foundation I HATED IT!!! Now I love it!!! I figured out I was doing it all wrong.

Learn Chainless Foundation from Me – I promise – You Will Get It!!!

Here is a link to the Chainless Foundation Single Crochet and…

Chainless Foundation Double Crochet.

If you have been struggling – trying to figure out how to do the chainless foundation for single, half double and double crochet stitches – I have the videos for you!!!

Here’s the info…

and.. Below are the video links.

If you find starting a crochet project with a long foundation chain difficult to handle, then consider using the chainless foundation half double crochet (FHDC) method (this can also be done using a single crochet or double crochet). The half double crochet is a common stitch in many patterns which makes this method the obvious choice in some instances. There are advantages to using the FHDC method over starting with the standard chain. A pattern that calls for a long chain foundation is not always easy to keep from twisting while working the first row. You also need to count each small chain stitch on the long chain before starting the first row to make sure it is accurate. Using a chainless foundation half double crochet eliminates these problems by making the chainless foundation the start of the project.




Work each stitch in the chainless foundation half double crochet with two steps.

Step 1: Chain 3, yarn over, insert hook in 3rd ch from hook, draw up a loop, chain 1, yarn over hook and draw through all 3 loops on hook.

Step 2: Next hdc – yarn over hook, working in chain underneath the last hdc, insert hook under the front loop and the loop right behind it, yarn over, draw up a loop, chain 1, yarn over and draw through 3 loops on hook.

Continue step 2 until desired length.

It is possible to use the chainless foundation half double crochet on a standard chain foundation pattern. Crochet the same number of half double crochet foundation stitches as the pattern calls for in the first row. This is generally the number of foundation chains minus two, which accounts for the turn chains. For example, if the pattern requires 22 chain stitches, you would need 20 chainless foundation half double crochet stitches.

The chainless foundation is ideal when making clothing or accessories where you want the foundation row to have more stretch. This method also works well when making afghans that have a long foundation row.

Check out our how-to video on this stitch

And the left-handed version.

Learn how to do these other chainless foundations:

Chainless Foundation Double Crochet

Chainless Foundation Single Crochet



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