Christmas Tree Dishcloth – Part 4

We’re almost finished with our Christmas Tree dishcloth. All that’s left to do is to add the white border. It looks a bit like snow, doesn’t it?

Capture 4

Finished Christmas Tree dishcloth!

Video Tutorial for Right-handed Crocheters

Video Tutorial for Left-handed Crocheters

 Again, I’ve added three still photos from the video in case you need to look at something at little bit closer.

Capture 3

Adding the white border

Capture 2

Adding the white border

Well, that’s it! You’ve finished your dishcloth. I hope you enjoyed the process and will get lots of use our of your new dishcloth, either in the kitchen or even as a decoration somewhere else in your home.

If you missed our earlier videos and would like to go back and see them, you can find video 1 here, video 2 here, and video 3 here.

We have many other video tutorials for you on  our Youtube channel. I’m sure you will find a new project to pique your interest. Thanks for crocheting with me.


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