Coral Reefs Around the World

Coral reefs are a diverse ecosystem and home to thousands of marine species. The size and complexity of coral reefs around the world vary depending on the location. The Great Barrier Reef, located off the northeast coast of Australia, is the largest and probably most well-known. This may be one of the main reasons why the massive reef was used to inspire the Crochet Coral Reef project.

The wonderful thing about coral reefs is the number of locations around the world to see them and get inspired to make your own crocheted coral. In addition to The Great Barrier Reef, the coral reefs found in the Florida Keys are home to more than 45 known species of coral, sea turtles and fish. Coral reefs are found in tropical and subtropical ocean waters, usually in shallow depths less than 150 feet. While the reefs are found all over the world, in reality these beautiful living gardens make up less than one percent of the total sea floor.


SPUN 2013 Denver Art Museum


SPUN 2013 Denver Art Museum


SPUN 2013 Denver Art Museum


SPUN 2013 Denver Art Museum

The one thing that all coral reefs have in common is the beautiful artistic growth. Coral is a living form that continues to grow and flourish under natural conditions. Unfortunately, more coral reefs are in danger due to pollution and human damage. It may seem there are an abundance of reefs throughout of the world, but the total size is not as large as it may seem. Creation of the art exhibit Crochet Coral Reef has a real purpose and should inspire everyone to be aware of the beautiful nature around the world.


SPUN 2013 Denver Art Museum


SPUN 2013 Denver Art Museum


SPUN 2013 Denver Art Museum


SPUN 2013 Denver Art Museum


SPUN 2013 Denver Art Museum

Are you inspired by the beauty of the Coral Crochet Reef Project? Keep reading for more information and more beautiful photos. In the mean time, you may want to read one of our blog entries about  free form crochet here.


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