DIY: Freeform Crochet

Freeform crochet requires a dedicated mind and the ever-changing creativity of the heart.  All pieces are an original masterpiece created by the crocheter.  It is truly an art within the art form of crochet.  Just look at these beautiful examples:

 Bonnie Prokopowicz’s Freeform Crochet Pillow

freeform crochet bag finished front web.jpg

This Freeform Crochet bag from Instructables

Freefrom Rainbow Skirt from lorenaferreira on Etsy

Freeform Crochet Necklace by Stitch Story


‘Fossil’ by Rebecca Painter

Colorful freeform crochet poncho from Rensfiberart on Etsy

Freeform crochet is a unique expression of one’s crochet creativity and, as you can see, the outcome is truly spectacular. There is no limit to what you can create and achieve with freeform crochet. These are simply beautiful handmade products! Don’t bother worrying about what your next pattern will be, try your hand at freeform crochet and let your creativity decide!

If you need an introduction to freeform crochet, we have an amazing book with tips and tricks dedicated to guide all crochet levels.

Purchase below:

# NM369804 Freeform Crochet and Beyond

Click the photo for book details.

Click the photo for book details and more images.

Be sure to take a look at other crochet trends like Crochet Lampshades! for ideas and inspiration. With freeform crochet, the sky is the limit!

Hugs, Maggie

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